wattsup with 'SUPER'

haiyo.. was still late everyday for FYP.. wonder if it'll reflect anything on my marks.. but anyway.. hehe.. i'm like really makin use of the computer in sch lor.. use photoshop, dreamweaver, blogger.. etc.. haha..

now i feel i'm stuck with the word 'SUPER'.. like "wah.. this is SUPER cute!!" or "SUPER noisy", "SUPER funny", "SUPER blah blah blah...." dunno wattsup with me.. haha..

ytd went for dance prac at adeline hse.. cuz wanna perform for the upcomin PGR mtg and our YWD/WD mtg.. come come support me kk? haha.. =P will be dancin the S.H.E "Supermodel." its not easy nEh~~ somemore i so long nv dance le.. aft ytd my legs and body like pain lor.. but fun.. get to sweat.. cant really rem the steps all.. but ervin will teach me again later one.. haha.. =)

i've juz created a snow wHite's blog.. dunno gif who.. maybe for my sis?? hehe.. =) show u..
yeah.. finally uploaded.. *grinz*


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