low lifeforce me...

super sian!! super low lifeforce... late for sch on mon.. den the whole day in sch i didnt do anything.. juz surf net, stone, msn, go toilet, break... wah... this is crap man.. in the evenin i went to jin-er aunt's hse to rehearse for the upcomin PGR mtg.. the YMDs and MD weren't here because they had their mtg.. so we start to rehearse and stuffs.. i feel so lan lor!! i dunno how to bring out the meaning of the skit and how to direct the actors to do things... sigh.. feel so bad tt i was not in a good condition.. i think the WDs were also veri tired le.. they think think think and juz cant really find the correct word to put the phrase in.. :'( we discussed till ard 10++ and the narrator script still not yet ok.. aft which jin-er aunt say wanna send me home.. cuz veri late le.. i feel so bad~~~ in the end we dropped yufen at the MRT den to my hse.. on the way home, we keep tinkin about the correct way to phrase the sentence.. finally when reachin my home we got it correct.. so i juz had to go home to alter and arrange it again.. when i reached home, i only manage to sort out the 2nd, 3rd and conclusion part of the skit.. cuz i dunno wat to put at the beginning.. so i went to slp aft my sis and the next morning, i woke up at 830!! late again... :S den saw my elder nephew at my hse.. den blah blah blah.. i wanted to find my HP charger cuz batt left 1 bar.. den i asked my dad whether he saw it he say muz be some pple have stolen it already.. say nowadays these kind of things pple will steal.. den i was veri worried lor.. later my phone no batt den i cannot be contacted by anyont le... and guess wat?? in the end i found my phone charger on the kitchen table.. -_- its like when one's life conditionis low, even small things can seem to be crashing down on you because you don't have the ability and are not strong enough to overcome them lor.. this is wat happen to me..

time for sensei's guidance!!! something tt really encourages me...

To "stand alone" --this is the very founding spirit of the Soka Gakkai!Let's, each and every one of us,become a person of courage who initiates action with the heart of a Soka lion!
"Why did the Roman Empire collapse? According to the French writer André Maurois (1885-1967), as soon as Rome ceased to respect the values that it had been built on, it perished. This indeed is an unchanging rule of history.Based on this truth, Mr. Toda sternly warned: "When the founding spirit of an organization is forgotten, cliques and factions emerge, power struggles proliferate, and disorder reigns. Continuing to uphold and reinforce the spirit of mentor and disciple, which is the starting point of the Soka Gakkai, is the very essence and core of our organization dedicated to the widespread propagation of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism.""Our founding spirit is neither abstract nor symbolic. When all is said and done, the founding spirit of our organization and the spirit of mentor and disciple are absolutely identical. They are one and the same thing."


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