Friday.. sinfonia.. flowers..

Friday.. sinfonia.. flowers..

After lunch meihui msged me askin me if I was in sch and whether I eaten lunch.. aft tt met up with her.. was hopin nth happen to her if not y she call me? Hahaz.. in the end she only ask me go lunch tgt.. I eaten so I juz look at her eat lor.. den aft tt we were talking about stuffs la.. den these two girls approached us… askin us to do survey.. didn’t know what kind of survey was it so anything lor..

Den the two of them sat down and showed us the paper.. they were from Crusade Campus.. yeah.. I know them.. haha.. so did the survey.. aft tt, the impt question came :”What do you think is your purpose in life?” I see the choices given were, family, finance, friends, studies.. which I think is none of it la..

So I said :”__” which I cannot remember.. haha!! She say “what would be the one word that u would describe about ur purpose in life?” I said:”attainment of world peace” she was like :”whoa.. why world peace?” so I went on.. about Ikeda sensei.. blah blah blah.. well.. it was a good dialogue.. at least I understand about Christianity and let them understand about SGI too.. so in the end she handed me a booklet and wrote her name and contact on it.. and also telling me about the phrase tt we can read if we want to receive Christ.. well.. I think meihui’s one was worst.. the person even immediately say prayers for her.. hm… shadn’t say anymore but I feel sometimes even if u wan to “shakubuku” a person, shld be more tactful lor.. but I’m glad 2 more person know about SSA, Gohonzon and Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo.. whee~~~… =D

pictures of all the girls at weifang's farewell... :'( sob sob..

p.s : za looked so fierce.. do u gurls agree?? heehee...


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