Nester Torres concert : Latin Pop Fiesta!!

yoyo!! i went for the concert ytd and it was great!!! dunno how to describe.. and there was so many Gakkai members lor.. the feeling is indeed different.. throughout the concert i can feel my hair standing lor.. they played mostly latin and classical.. nice nice nice!! and i tink the conductor Jacomo was afraid tt Nestor will be tired so he added an extra piece in between... sHo sHwEeeeeet of him!!!

hai.. the concert was juz soooooo nice..

me and weiyi during intermission.. first is she do funny face.. den aft tt i do funny face.. HAHAHA!!

then the concert end and everyone were standing and clapping for SSO, Jacomo and esp. Nester Torres.. he pointed to his watch and tell us that its late and its time to go home.. seeing tt we were reluctant to leave, Jacomo told SSO to play a song for us as we walked out.. so nice~~~

the most touchin part is when as we thought that nestor is not playing anymore, he suddenly walked into the center and played " Kishi Beni tO moto, Morigasaki...." wah.. morigasaki!!! den u can hear everyone started singing and humming.. it was such a touchin scene.. weiyi and me also shed tears le.. =)

lu lu lu lu... lu lu lu lu..


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